Brendan McKenzie

Windows RT and Microsoft Surface

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

So today I bit the bullet and pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface. I was always opposed to buying an Apple iPad because I couldn't justify the cost for something I doubted I would get much use out of. The difference with the Surface is that it's a Microsoft product and I'm a Microsoft developer. I have toyed with objective-c and it's just a pain, developer support (documentation, tools, updates, tutorials, etc...) from Microsoft is 100 times that of Apple's and .NET is a very, very nice environment to develop with.

Since I have 10 days to wait until the product ships all I can do now is toy around with building Metro styled apps in Visual Studio and see what I can come up with when I get to hold my new toy in my hands.

The task I have taken on is trying to develop a management tool for this website. Blog posts, trips, projects, clients, invoices, etc... No doubt I'll come across some interesting nuances and I'll be blogging about them.

I came across this walk through for creating a (very) basic application, it assumes a basic knowledge of C#/.NET/Visual Studio. It doesn't assume a platform - the application you're working on can be for mobile, tablet/Surface or desktop.