Brendan McKenzie

Welcome to Canada, G-STAR!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In 1989 a company called Gap Star was started in Holland, in 1996 they went international and one of the ramifications of doing so was a clash with a certain other large international clothing brand that inevitably forced them to rename themselves, as what we now know as G-STAR.

The store on Queen Street West, Downtown Toronto opened three days ago and is bright with high ceilings and the staff are super friendly and excited to "welcome [everyone] to G-STAR!" I was only there on my lunch break so didn't take too much time to browse (or even check prices of anything), but the collection is much the same as when I went through my G-STAR phase 5 years ago, high quality denim with nice cuts. No doubt I'll be back after my first pay cheque.

Now that I have Jack Jones and G-STAR, all I need is Vegemite and Superdry and I'll be one happy (Canadian) camper.