Brendan McKenzie

SWF to Image under 64 bit Windows

Monday, 22 October 2012

This is definitely a reminder post for myself. Twice now I have fallen victim to issues working with 32-bit COM libraries running under ASP.NET websites under Windows 64-bit. The main issue in this case was a library used by a legacy app that had to be ported from an older server to a newer one.

The library is SWFToImage, was (discontinued support) a piece of software by ByteScout that converts a flash file into a JPEG. I won't go into the reasons and requirements of such a library but here are the simple steps to make it work.

  1. Install Flash Player v11.x ActiveX control content debugger
  2. Enable 32-bit applications in the App Pool your website is running in under IIS
  3. regsvr32.exe the SWFToImage.dll

And that's it.