Brendan McKenzie

Polish is a really hard language to learn

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Well I'm not sure it's just Polish that's hard to learn, coming from English everything seems difficult. I've come to conclude it's due to a couple of things...

  1. Unless you live in Asia, you're more than likely in a part of the world that accepts English speakers (I swear the Swedes speak better English than I do)
  2. We learnt so speak English so long ago that we've forgotten how to learn, so now we need to learn how to learn all over again

I'm pretty sure those two cover most of the reasons why learning a new language is difficult.

Either way, I'm learning Polish and I want to become fluent in it. My problem is "how?" I've done Level 1 of the Rosetta Stone, I can count, I can have basic interactions, but where do I go from here? Short of moving to Poland, what are my options? I could take Polish courses but that would set me back over $6,500 for a full course (and probably extra for material)... maybe moving to Poland for a year or two is the only option.

The thought of a forum for English speakers wanting to learn and understand Polish better came to mind, but how do you target that audience? How would I draw these people to my website?

The Stack Exchange folks have put a proposal in to get a site for this started, but it seems a little way off.

If anyone comes across this and would be interested in me starting a forum for us, let me know, I'm more than happy to do so.