Brendan McKenzie

New Website

Monday, 11 June 2012

I'm making the move from my old website to my new one, and didn't want to lose all my data so here's a snap shot of my old "About" page, which I'll get around to setting up on this site at some point.

hello, my name is brendan mckenzie as you may have been able to tell by the name of this here website (it says so at the top, and in the domain name).

i'm a web application developer (says that at the top too, it doesn't say that in the domain though), but have also experienced windows application development and a little experience developing for the iphone.

my platform of choice is mvc three, though i have also worked with php, java and toyed with python (and django).

for the front end i am loving the features of html five and css three as you may have been able to tell from this website. i wouldn't leave home without jQuery either. though i'm not a great designer, when it comes to building websites from designs i know my stuff.

database design/development is always the first step of most projects i work on, and i've experienced working with sql server (2005/2008/2008 R2), sqlite3, mysql, postgresql and a little bit of oracle.

if you have any requirement for a kick-ass web developer, click on contact up the top and drop me a line.

for more information about what i've done and where i am or have previously been working, you can find me on linkedin.

This is what I had under my travel section, some astute listeners may remember that I had a map marking everywhere I had been and wanted to go. That will be back, when I get around to it.

as i said in my about page, i'm currently living in the united kingdom. i was born and spent the first twenty-five years of my life in melbourne, australia.

many people (mainly the english) ask why i would want to move from the best country in the world to the coldest most miserable place on earth. i think they seem to forget that they have the entirety of europe right at their door step; for example: to fly from melbourne to barcelona, i would be looking at roughly two thousand dollars in air fares, plus accommodation, not to mention a thirty hour flight. contrast that to flying to barcelona from london, with a good deal from ryanair/easyjet/monarch i could fly there for under one hundred dollars and only two hours in the air.

so i have decided to make the most of my two year visa in the united kingdom and am making my way through the european countries. check out the map over there on the right to see where i've been and where i'm going. you can also keep up to date with my upcoming trips down below.

And my old contact page...

for the moment (well, until april 14th 2012 when her royal highness, the queen of great britain and northern ireland says i need to leave the country as my youth mobility visa expires) i reside in south-west london. you can get in touch with me by email or phone.

my phone number is - +44 777 265 0325

my email address is - [email protected]

look me up on linkedin

after my visa expires and i'm forced to no longer work in this country i will be continuing my travels to canada where i will obtain a two year visa. i plan on living, working, playing and travelling there for the duration. if you want to know more about my travels, have a look at my travel section.

The only difference is my phone number is now 647 391 7665 (even though at time of writing, I don't have a phone) and my email address is [email protected].