Brendan McKenzie

Git log oddity

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I love git, nothing will change that. I just came across some odd functionality today. I use the command line client most of the time, though it's getting a bit tiring so I will probably switch back to using SmartGit again soon.

What I wanted to do was see the history on a specific file. Let's say the root of my repository resides at D:\Projects\Project\ and the file within the project is at .\Content\css\site.css, this is what I would have expected to work:

> cd D:\Projects\Project\Content\css
> git log site.css

Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. The log came back empty.

After some toying around it turns out that trying to do a log on a file from it's directory does not work. This was the solution:

> cd D:\Projects\Project
> git log .\Content\css\site.css

I'm not sure if this is a bug or expected functionality, either way, it's slightly perturbing.