Brendan McKenzie

Clipboard Cleaner

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

You know what grinds my gears? Long URLs, URLs littered with UTM tracking information, and YouTube URLs that contain more than they need - which is just the video ID.

Enter: Clipboard Cleaner! It will monitor your clipboard, and when you copy a link that contains any of the aforementioned nuisances it will be cleaned and ready for pasting.

The application runs in the background, so running the .exe might appear to do nothing, but it does. Once you've run it, copy (this link:, then paste it somewhere.

Also, a big thanks to Raminder Hundal for the logo!

Full source code is available on GitHub and you can [download the executable here]({{ "media/blog/2012-11-28-clipboard-cleaner/ClipboardCleaner.exe" | prepend: site.cdn_root }}).